Nature of Science & Color | 4th-5th Grade | 8:30am - 4:30pm | June 13 - 16 (M-Th)

Monday June 13

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8:30 AM  –  4:30 PM

Partner Camp with Clever Octopus

Monday and Tuesday will have campers at the Museum, Museum staff exploring color through the lens of biology, chemistry, and physics. From learning about sight and understanding camouflage and cryptic coloration to surface color and effect on temperature, to the reason why Mars has a red hued atmosphere—just a few of the questions we’ll investigate. Plus, get a tour of our Nature of Color exhibit! Wednesday and Thursday will be spent at Clever Octopus, Utah's only creative reuse center, investigating mixed media and color. Participants will be creating optical 3D art inspired by artists like the grandfather of the Op Art movement, Victor Vasarely, as well as London-based street installation artist Slinkachu.

Drop off and pick up on Monday and Tuesday take place at NHMU and on Wednesday and Thursday at Clever Octopus. No camp on Friday. 

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